Hammond and Leslie Update

A small update to the Hammond and Leslie issues. As you may recall, I discovered that the power amps were blown in the Leslie 760 and sounded like Jon Lord playing with Deep Purple which isn't the sound of Tony Banks. I ordered a studio power amp (ART SLA-1) to replace the internal power amps of the Leslie.

After a few hours this weekend, I wired in the new amp and I am happy to report that the Hammond and Leslie now sound SUPER SWEET. I got all the innards of the Hammond working properly a few weeks ago and now that the Leslie is up and running and sounding good, it is time to seriously sample the Hammond thru the Leslie.

I ordered a new audio interface for the DAW as well (Roland Octa-Capture) which allows me to capture up to 8 channels of audio into my DAW. The idea here is to use a matched stereo pair of mic's on the upper rotor and a nice, warm mic on the lower rotor and a couple of overhead mic's to capture some air. I have the mic's but needed to order a couple more boom mic stands to set up the environment for the sample session.

It won't be long now until I finally have the correct Hammond sounds to enhance the project.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine