Fuzz Bass and Hammond Issues

My Hammond DR arrived and installed the LESLIE kit. However, the leslie sounds REAL distorted and after some trouble shooting found out the the cross over was fine and that the problem is with the power amps. Trying to find a replacement power amp for a LESLIE 760 is nearly impossible but the DR came up with a pretty good work around. I am going to use a stereo power amp (the kind you would use for monitors or a PA) and feed the two signals from the crossover to the stereo amp. The output of the stereo amp is going to go directly to the treble and bass speakers in the leslie. I should be OK and have ordered an ART SLA-1 power amp which is on the way.

The Micro-Frets bass also needs another trip to the Doktor. There is a wierd buzz going on with the HIGH E string so the neck may need some adjustments. Also, I have a lot of HUM in the pickups and I am going to have the DR try to sheild the pickups a bit better. And lastly, I got some new ORIGINAL hardware for the MF. I am going to replace all the magnetic poles in the pickups with new poles as a strictly cosmetic change (the existing poles are quire rusty) and also replace all the roller nut pieces up on the nut (these are in bad shape as well) and these adjustment nut pieces can help set the intonation a bit better on the LOW E string.

On a positive note, I have been playing around with the H&H amp and 57 Les Paul to get Steve's LEAD sound for Lamia. There are many variables for this sound: Amp settings, pedal board effects settings, guitar pickup settings and HELIOS desk settings to try and get the wonderful sound Steve had on this track. Been getting close and I am almost sure that the MARSHALL fuzz box is involved but not over bearing fuzz. Knowing that Johnnie Burns used an SM57 and Steve used his 4123 Hiwatt cabinet has taken these variables out of the equation since I am using the same mic and guitar speaker cabinet that was used back in 1974.

Again, a lot of activity but still no music but when I finally get around to the music again, I think there might be a quantum leap forward in progress.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine