Fuzz Bass

Got all the gear ready to try and duplicate Mike's fuzz bass and played around getting the correct setting. I think I have finally NAILED the sound and am about to do the sampling session for this great sound. If it comes out as good as I think it will, it will be available in the store, "SHABBY CHIC SAMPLES" for anyone interested in having the FUZZ BASS sound in their own arsenal.

The Leslie kit (9770) for the Leslie 760 and T series Hammond has arrived and is way too complicated (and dangerous) for me to try and do this from "instructions". The Leslie gets its power from this connection kit and one wrong connection could fry the gear or worst yet, electrocute someone (namely, ME). So, I have contacted my Hammond guy for another House Call to install the kit.

Not much music lately but real progress on the project. I need the right sounds to accomplish my objective and I am getting real close in filling in the gaps for the missing sounds.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine