Leslie Cab 760

I picked up a Leslie 760 cabinet with the preamp. Now the Hammond T (even though it has a built in small leslie) will sound even better for the sampling sessions. I got this cabinet from a keyboard player that lives in North Carolina and is still gigging. Luckily for me, he had a gig about 1.5 hours from my house, so I drove up there to pick it up. It sounds a lot quieter than I expected and it should prove valuable for the project.

More than just Tony's Hammond was sent through the Leslie. Can you name all the tracks and in what songs the lads used the leslie. I will give you an easy one. Steve's intro to Cuckoo Cocoon was mic'ed thru a leslie. But there are quite a few other spots throughout the Lamb that had tracks sent thru the Leslie. Should prove interesting to sample. For those uninitiated, a Leslie is a speaker/amp that has spinning speakers. There are two rotors, the top high rotor has a slow and fast speed and the bottom (lows) spins counterclockwise to the top rotor at one steady speed creating that whirling sound you hear on Hammond organs and Steve's intro to CC.

Plus, this leslie has a much louder amp than the built-in T-295 leslie and should be great for sampling. The test samples I did with the built-in leslie had as much MOTOR noise as it did organ sound, which rendered the samples useless. Plus, I am going to MODIFY the hammond to have a DIRECT OUT as well as the leslie sound for I think that this is how Tony recorded the Hammond in the studio (mic'ed Leslie plus DIRECT OUT, blended together at the mixing desk).

Just a small update and slowly I am getting the correct instruments for The Lamb re-creation project. It is a TON of FUN.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrinejkleban@nc.rr.com