Hammond T Organ and H&H Amp w/HiWatt Cab

So, great news on the Hammond front. The T is up and running after many hours of TLC. I don't want to go over all of the problems that existed with the organ but suffice it to say it is now operating at 100%. Some of the fixes I did myself but I needed to call in a Hammond House Doctor to finish off the last few problems that I had no idea what the problem could be (turned out that just one of the connectors inside the guts of the organ had come loose and it was causing all of the issues).

On Steve's guitar sound, I have the H&H IC100 amp head removed from the combo amp and fitted with the hardware to make this a stand alone amp head (thanks to my wife for helping me TOLEX the top and bottom of the head). The amp is working perfectly.

The HiWatt 4x12 speaker cabinet had a slight buzz in one of the speakers. I took this to my speaker tech and luckily all that needed fixing was to re-glue the cone to the coil. It appears that due to the age of the speaker, this glue became loose and the re-glue did the trick and the cabinet maintains its 100% vintage status. The HiWatt cabinet (SE4123) has the old FANE speakers and sounds unbelievable.

The combination of the H&H head and the HiWatt speakers yields the perfect HACKETT sound for The Lamb.

Also, the AT 4047MP mic arrived along with the UA 6176 (built in 1176 compressor) channel strip so the sampling session should be of very high quality. I think I will sample the Hammond Organ TWEET sound for Hairless Heart first since this appears to simply be one of the percussion presets (no drawbar settings required). And then perhaps, the "In the Cage" organ.

Again, we move forward on the project in getting more accurate instrument sounds.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine