Project Update

Not a lot of music happening now but I have been very busy. It has dawned on me that before I get serious about creating more of the music (the easier part), I need to get the sounds and mixing techniques together. To that end, I have been increasing my vintage gear but now working more on the studio gear than the instruments. I have gotten an 1176 compressor and 2 Helios - Type 69 channel strips. Even though I am doing this project In The Box (ITB), the custom samples that I have been making need to be tracked using this same equipment used in the studio by Genesis when they tracked The Lamb. This equipment will be used to make all of the custom sample programs I need for the project and also for the offering from Shabby Chic Samples so that customers can also have the sounds either FLAT or pre-processed with the wonderful HELIOS sound. The neat thing about the Helios gear is that in addition to having a very unique character but it is very musical.. you can really push the EQ on the channel and still sound great. I will create a little demo of this later so you can see how much 10K is needed on the drum kit to get Phil's kit sound. So, for now, thanks for stopping by and have a very happy holiday season. Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine