May Update

So, this retooling is getting more intense. I have added some more VST tools and wouldn't you know, my DAW ran out of juice. So, it was off to do some research and I came upon a tool called FXteleport. Basically, you use another computer to host your VSTs, freeing up your DAW to do more stuff. Guess what, it works! I have moved all my AMPLITUBE plugins to be run on a remote computer and this freed up most of the DAWs RAM and CPU usage. So, in a nutshell, you insert a VST in your DAWs track (the VST is installed on the remote PC) and magically, the audio leaves your DAW, is sent to the VST that is running on the remote PC, is processed on the remote PC and then sent back to the DAW.  All in lightning SPEED, so fast in fact, that you don't even know that the VST isn't on the host PC. Quite SLICK and it has been around for awhile, I just never heard of it before.

So, now that the PC issues are behind me, I have gotten a few new audio toys and am in the process of working these into the first track since the RETOOL. I will say that the quality of this track is definitely much closer to the original track and I am amazed at how much you can do with today's tools.

Check back soon for the first track and the new track layout page where you will be able to download lots of FREE goodies related to the track.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine