April Update

So, it seems that every month, a new toy comes available that I know will enhance this project. The new toys take a while to fit into any one of the tracks and many times, requires a new performance of the instrument to create a more accurate MIDI performance in line with the nuances of the new sound.

I am almost done with the first track after the re-tool and just recently, I added TRUEPIANOS to the tool box which really gives me more flexibility in getting Tony's acoustic piano sound.

As a reminder, with the release of this track, the track pages will go under a major overhaul and allow you to download more of the tracks and information that will accompany each track release.

So, check back soon for "it won't be long, yeah" til the first RE-TOOLED track is released. And, by the way, sounds incrementally better than the tracks released to date.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine