Another March Update

I have been getting a lot of email asking, "where is the new music?" I have been working on Colony of the Slippermen and it is coming out real good but with the re-tooling complete, I have decided to update an existing track and put Slippermen on the back burner for awhile. I thought I needed to work the new drum samples into the project and Colony is probably one of the tougher drum tracks to recreate in MIDI on the entire album so I have opted to redo an existing track and work these drums into the project using an easier Phil track. This updated track will be completed with all the newest improvements made on the audio side of the project including a new drum sample set, new vintage plugins (UAD2 stuff) and a few new instrument sample sets that sound more like the original instruments GENESIS used back in 1974 while recording The Lamb.

I probably will also introduce some new formats to allow downloading of the MIDI tracks, separate audio tracks for each instrument (in case you want to hear any instrument ISO'ed) and of course stereo mixes of both the vocal and non vocal versions. I am not a WEB guru but I tried a test and I think I can create download links for all these files so all you will have to do is click on the link and you should get a download file from the web based upon your choices.

If this works, you can even create your own mixes using the individual audio tracks of each instrument provided you have a DAW.  Or you can create a mix with all the instruments but one and then play along on your instrument of choice.

I also had a suggestion to provide some track sheets for these songs indicating what products and plugins used on each track and I think I will work on this as well.

As this last year progressed, this project has evolved into something that I had not really envisioned. The help and support I have been getting from the GENESIS community and musicians has been absolutely the best part of the project for me and I really appreciate all the feedback and support I have gotten.


Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine