March Update

Quite some exciting news. The DAW is up and powerful (QUAD CORE), UAD2 is installed (and awesome) and the custom samples are working great.

I had some delay in finding the right drum kit sound for this project. Those following know that the first attempts at the drum kit samples was nothing short of lame. Then came Ocean Way Drums and what a giant leap forward. But the OWD proved to be too pristine for recreating The Lamb. I then went on and experimented with BFD2, another good product but not sounding right for the Lamb.  Then, our friend Squids came through again. He finally produced some studio drum samples from Nick D'Virgio who had set up a Collinsesque (Dave's term) Gretch set and Premier Set but most importanty, timbales and roto toms. If you follow Nick D's career at all (currently drummer in Spock's Beard), you know that he is a tremendous classic Genesis fan. As a matter of fact, he recently produced and released a complete Lamb tribute but with new arrangements and it is quite good. I think he calls it Genesis Rewired so check it out. Nick's GENESIS drumming is SPOT ON. 

So, I think that the drum samples are as close as I am going to get to use for this project and I am ready to go forward. Another good note is that I finally found a solution for the ARP PRO soloist. You will hear soon and I will tell you all about it at a later date.

However, the most exciting news (at least for me) is that I finally made contact with Johnnie Burns. He was the producer/engineer for the early classic Genesis albums. I believe he worked on Foxtrot, SEBPT, The Live Album and The Lamb. He is a very nice fellow and has offered to help me where he can. He sent me a CD full of notes from the tracking sessions from The Lamb and I am very grateful for his assistance.

So, I haven't posted any music for quite awhile but this time has all gone toward the retooling necessary to move the quality of the project to a higher level. I think I will post a small preview of Slippermen on the Preview Site just so you can hear how authentic this is starting to sound (you can access the site by clicking the link at the bottom of the track listing to the right, it says Preview Site".

That is all for now and be keeping you up to date.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine