February Update

The re-tooling is progressing well. I have successfully upgraded my DAW to a QUAD core processor. It now CRASHES less frequently which is a good thing for it takes about 15 minutes to recycle everything once it crashes. Plus, I have more POWER for PLUG-INs.

I also purchased a DSP plugin system (dedicated card) from UA called UAD2 - OMNI  and it comes with some of the best classic emulations out there. It has a NEVE mixer with EQs, COMPs etc and a bunch of needed effects.  Included is the famous ROLAND Space Echo (this thing sounds amazing) and a MOOG filter effect.  Both ROLAND and MOOG authorize these plugs as official software versions of their hardware.  The Moog Filter is what ENO used to ENOSIFY the LAMB.

Colony is starting to sound good and quite accurate except I am still trying to recreate the TIMBALE tom tom sound which is not only featured on this track but actually used all over the album.

So, I think this retooling effort will be worth it and I am looking forward to posting The Colony soon. You can travel over to my preview page with the PREVIEW link on the right side of the page (under the track listing the link that reads "LLDOM Preview Page").

Talk to you later,

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine