Rick 12 String Samples

Alright then. Another major breakthrough in decoding the alchemy of classic Genesis. As noted below, I have been sampling my 12 string RICK to have a better sound for the Gen parts. I sampled this baby and it sounds good but still not right. I remember reading awhile ago that Mike R reversed the octave strings on his 12 string RICK to be stringed like an acoustic 12 string. So, using some creative juices, decided to sample the Rick using up stroke picking on the 4 low strings so that the higher string sounds before the lower string (as if the guitar was reversed stringed). 

As luck would have it, our friend Squids (Dave), recently went on a "sampling" trip to The Farm and while there took some photogs of the equipment stashed away in the closets. A couple of the photos were of Mike's double-necked Ricks from both SEBTP and the LAMB and BINGO, when I looked closely, I could tell that these octave strings were in fact reversed.

Now, the new RICK sample set (with reversed strings) simply sounds MARVELOUS and I can't wait to use it on one of tunes. I have quite a way to go before I am done doing with the sampling sessions (I can't tell you how hard this is doing it by myself and making sure that I have many velocities to use). I am in the process of fine tuning my technique in doing guitar samples but I am making real good progress.


Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine