December Update

First off, I hope you all had a very enjoyable holiday season and are looking forward toward the New Year. Looking back at 2008, I have had tons of fun creating the tracks for this project and with each new song, I am raising the bar higher and higher.

I finally got a useable HAMMOND organ sound for Colony and have made significant progress on this track. Plus, I get to use my NEW homemade 12 string RICK (with g-MAP) during the section of chords during the "Me, Like You" little break and the RICK sounds marvelous.

I also completed the section of Tony's synth solo and finally understand how the Arp Pro Soloist is mixed on the track(s). I have heard that TB sent his ARP through the Leslie, applied echo and chorus. So, I tried to recreate this sound and finally came up with a passable solution that includes chorus and a vintage tape echo device (obviously, all in software). I had tried this before but the key was to set the tape delay on a VERY FAST echo setting and putting a bit of space on the track (via reverb).

I would say though that the most challenging instrument to recreate in this track is Mike's bass playing. Not sure if you ever tried to listen carefully to what Mike is doing on this track but I will say that he surely kept busy and not just random busy but as usual, controlled chaos. Much of Mike's playing is spot on to Phil's kick drum so you know they spent some time working out this outstanding rhythm section.

It might take me awhile to complete this song but I have put a major dent into this track and I hope the trend of each track being better than the one before continues.

Happy New Year,

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine