Project Update

OK - I started serious work on Colony... the organ samples I have just ain't cutting it. I have searched for some new samples everywhere. I have ordered a new organ sample set that might do the trick. The NI B4 sounds way too artificial for the track. So,

While I am waiting for the organ sample CD to arrive, I have decided to seriously sample my RICK 12 string. I am trying to do a real good job and I think I have learned alot about sampling and this just might come out great. I can't tell you how much work this is. I am doing something that I do not think has been done before with guitar samples. I call this G-MAP for Midi Guitar. What I am doing is sampling (with multiple velocities) every note on every fret for every string and then mapping these samples to correspond to a MIDI GUITAR interface so that the correct notes play depending upon the fingering of which frets on which strings are fingered while playing the guitar parts. The way this will be implemented is by using a COMBINATION program in the sampler. That is, each string will be a separate program responding to its own MIDI channel. All six programs (one for each string) will be in the COMBINATION program. I have tested this using SONAR as the sequencer HOST with my MIDI guitar and it works perfectly. I will post an example up here of some Rutherford 12 string parts sequenced using this gMAP concept and these new sample programs so you can get an idea on how this all works out.

Stay tuned for more information on this concept. I might make this sample instrument available if it comes out as good as I think they might. 

I will obviously use these new RICK 12 string samples in the project wherever this instrument is needed. Should be alot of fun.


Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine