Supernatural Anaesthetist Redo

Well, back to this tune to update the mix and correct some of the parts. I am still in search of a decent snare drum sample that sits in the mix and sounds more like Phil's kit.  Using a new one but it still isn't quite right.

Also, re-eq'ed the 12 string electric (sounds closer but still a way to go). I had some work done on my RICK 12 string (mostly setup stuff, neck straightening, lower action, intonation, etc) and plan on making my own sample set to use with the MIDI guitar interface.

My idea here is to create a KONTAKT multi and sample every note on every string and use the MIDI guitar to trigger the samples. The guitar sample sets I have now were mapped to a keyboard and not a MIDI guitar so the same sample plays whether I play the 9th fret on the G string, 5th fret on the B string or an open high E string which isn't realistic.  The midi guitar can transmit on 6 midi channels (one for each string pickup) and as such, I should be able to trigger the proper E note depending on where I play it on the guitar.  Also, open chords should also sound very realistic whenever the fingering has the same note playing on different strings. This will take me a while and will have a long learning curve since I have not ever created a native KONTAKT sample set before.

Just wanted to keep everyone posted and let you know that I have not lost interest in the project.

Hope all is well on your end.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine