Back to Work

After a brief break from the project, I have retooled a couple of new toys and plan to begin created some new songs (actually, I think I will go back and re-do a song or two). I got a couple of new toys in the last month. BASiS (a great bass guitar sample set) which includes a multi sampled RICK bass which has both a direct and amped phase aligned sample set. Also, got a new MASTERING software suite (called T-Racks) and a new audio editing program from CELEMONY called "MELODYNE". The melodyne audio software is coming out with something they call DNA and you have to see this to believe it (try browsing their site at and watch the video that demonstrates DNA. This software will come in handy to isolate the vocals better especially with the surround mixes due out next month.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine