Silent Sorrow and UPDATES

OK folks.  I have started a new song from the album, "Silent Sorrow". I will go back to Supernatural but needed a break. As you know, the song features some really classic mellotron work and it was a ton of fun to recreate. I wanted to finish the SONGS from SIDE 3 of the album. Just click on the song title in the Track Listing on the top right on this page.

I also added a feature to the website which will allow you to follow the BLOG.  That is, get notified when new posts are created, etc. and let other people know that you are interested in this project as well. Most of the feedback I get is from other musicians who also like Genesis with alot of questions of how did I create this or where did I get that sample or general statements on the project, quite nice, actually. Please take some time and sign up to easily follow the progress of this ambitious project. You can find the gadget to sign up on the top right of this home page (under the subject, "FOLLOWERS").

I really am going to finish the entire suite of tunes from The Lamb, no matter how long it takes. 


Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine