Lamia Update

I have posted version 2 of The Lamia. While listening to version 1 and feedback I received, I decided to do some major revisions to the original LAMIA midi file. This version has corrected parts and a new, smoother MIX. Some of the sounds from the original album are very hard to reproduce without the same instruments and amps available to me. So, I did the best I could with what I have available and tried to recreate the sound and feel of The Lamia.

Please navigate over to The Lamia in the track listing to give this new version a listen. If you have already voted and feel you want to change the rating of this song, you can do that on the page by choosing, "change vote". If you haven't rated the song, please help me out by doing so for it only takes a second or two.

With Lamia behind me now, I am still not sure what song will be next up in the line up and am debating between:

1) Updating ANYWAY with the Oceanway Drums and some corrections
2) Hairless Heart (No vocals)
3) Lilywhite Lilith (which would almost complete side 3 of The Lamb)

I am leaning toward Lilith, which will require a decent replication of Mike's FUZZ bass. I know I can get it close but it needs to have that "right" sound to fit into the mix. I will let you know what I decide.


Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine