Anyway Version 2 POSTED

Well, it's finally ready for the shrine, Anyway Version 2. This version is a big improvement over the version that has been up on the shrine and worth checking out. There are corrected performances, a new mix and new instrument samples used.

The piano has been overdubbed using Sampletekk's Black Grand Close. Steve's guitar part is a new sample set from Prominy called Les Paul Custom and has improved the guitar to almost the same degree as Oceanway Drums improved the drum tracks. Speaking of which, the drums have been reworked using the new Oceanway drum samples.

So, please check out the new version(s) using the track list to the right and navigate over to the Anyway page. As usual, if you have some time and would like to help me out with feedback, please rate the song over on the Anyway page.


Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine