Supernatural Anaesthetist Posted

Hello fellow Genesis fans. I have posted what I hope to be close to the FINAL version of Supernatural Anaesthetist. I have tweaked, prodded, probed, listened and virtually tightened up all the parts as close as I could to the original Genesis recording of this very interesting tune. My biggest challenge was with Mike's 12 string part. Between the actual chords played and the sound of the guitar, I had quite a time working out his part. I hope you enjoy it and it is at least close to what Mike played. My friend Swede from the official Genesis fan site was quite a help in working out some of the chords. The actual sound of the guitar was impossible for me to get given the limited set of RICK 12 string samples that are available, so I tweaked the EQ to try and get the sound Mike used but I never got quite satisfied with the sound of this part. Maybe later, I will try and sample my own RICK 12 string to try to get the right sound for this song.

I am quite happy with the way the drums turned out. Ocean Way Drums made a HUGE difference to this track. With Mike's bass part and these drums, the rhythm section turned out quite well.

Steve's LEAD guitar part was very challenging and for a MIDI guitar part, didn't turn out too lame (except maybe at the end section - which I probably will redo at some later point).

But for now, this version of Supernatural will be added to the shrine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while creating both the MIDI and mix for this song. Thanks and remember to "rate" the song over on the track page.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine