Bank Synths Vintage Instruments

Hi Folks... You probably already may have seen the videos mentioned below. But I wanted to post it here as well. I was consulted by Lileigh as part of her research for this video. See stumbled upon the LLDOM site and Dave K from Sonic Reality gave her my private email and she contacted me with very many questions about The Lamb. It was fun and I was happy I was able to help a little on the video. 

Here are the links to the youtube videos:

Part 1 of the Youtube Video

Part 2 of the Youtube Video

Part 3 of the Youtube Video

Not sure how these links will show up in the posting but if you get a few moments, you should check these videos out.

Thanks Lileigh, Dave, Tom Lord Alge and of course TONY BANKS. Dave K is the master of vintage keyboards and if you want to see a ton of vintage gear all in one place, don't miss this video.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine