February 2012 Update

I know that there hasn't been a lot of music posted. I have made a decision to NOT post stuff in progress like I have done in the past. The reason behind this decision is that these past tracks weren't really completed, just were I was at the time in the recreation. I have spent the last couple of years getting more of the original equipment used by Genesis when recording the LAMB... updated this equipment has done quite a bit to further the goal of the project. I know where the compromises have been made and as such what I still need to get the music closer.

I know have everything I need for Tony's gear EXCEPT a Steinway D that has been sampled with the same characteristics used in the studio. This is a very important sound for many songs (Title track, Anyway, Lamia to name a few).

Phil's drum kit is also very unique and still making compromises. I have found a sampled kit that gets me close to the snares and the toms and also updated to a very good sample set of cymbals. The drums now sound better than in previous tracks. Missing however, is the TIMBALE sound used in most of the drum fills PHIL did. Again, this isn't about finding TIMBALE samples, rather TIMBALES samples with the sound from the LAMB. Phil has them tuned and plays them like TOMS, sampled TIMBALES sound more like a LATIN PERCUSSIONIST would use.

Steve's equipment is almost 100% duplicated in my library. I have his entire audio chain for when he uses the LES PAUL, from the guitar to the channel strips on the original HELIOS desk. There is another guitar that I have to find for his other electric sounds. Steve did not use his Les Paul as the exclusive electric guitar in the studio.

Mike's rig is also pretty much duplicated for his BASS sounds.. from the guitar to the mixing desk... but again, his other guitars and amp chain (think electric 12 string) is still a mystery to me. So, this has been pretty much a trial and error process to try and get this sound. I have some ideas to try but this takes quite awhile to set up and record and analyze what I am experimenting with for these sounds.

Obviously, there is still the percussion and acoustic guitars used but I am pretty close on these.

The mixing desk is another area where I have pretty much what I need to recreate the sound of the desk (which is a very important part of the overall sound of The Lamb). So, at this point, I am thinking about putting up some partial tracks that I think are close to being done just to get some feedback on the performance, instruments used, mixing, etc. Other than these audio examples, I think I am going to wait until I am closer to having all the tools I need to post complete songs.

One last note, I was contacted by Lilywhite Lilith (the blond woman who has been making videos about Classic Genesis performances) and asked to help her on an upcoming project comparing the instruments used on The Lamb, LIVE vs STUDIO. She has a pretty good base for the LIVE stuff in that The Musical Box Tribute Band has given her access to everything that they have to recreate the LIVE show. She stumbled upon The Lamb Laid Down on MIDI during her research and asked for my help. What little I know, I have shared with her and hopefully has helped decode the magic of The Lamb. So, this is what I needed to say about the progress of the project but I can say that the music is sounding much better than it did a couple of years ago and once I have the entire sounds duplicated, the finished tracks will move a lot faster. THANKS!

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine