It's Been a Long Long Time

I have NOT abandoned this great past time project of mine. I have only decided to take a break from the work because I was getting stale. I want to thank those of you who continue to send your kind words about the project and for still checking back now and then.

With the cooler weather upon us here in North Carolina, I am planning on getting back into putting some work into the project and will keep you all posted.

I hope all you musicians out there got a chance to download the free sounds that I had made available while they were still up on the download site. I think once there was no download activity for 30 days, the link disables itself.

While taking my break, I picked up a few new hardware pieces for the GENESIS museum. A 1970's Schaller volume pedal (Steve's) and a FENDER champ amp that Steve used in the studio during this period.

So, check back soon for some updates.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine