MAY Update Micro-Frets Bass Project

I have added a section on the blog for the special Micro-Frets 6 string bass guitar project. Having a RICK and sampling it doesn't sound like The Lamb bass so, I found a Micro-Frets Signature guitar (the model Mike's bass was) that wasn't a Baritone (which is needed for the short scale 6 string bass).

I have contracted a local luthier (he is doing great work by the way) to convert this guitar to be a 6 string Micro-Frets bass guitar. I have more info on the Micro-Frets Bass Project page which you can access via the Studio Session link on the top right of this page. Once on that page, there is another link for the Micro-Frets bass project.

My luthier has been providing updates and pictures as the project progresses and it is very interesting to watch this guitar transform from a regular guitar to the unique Mike Rutherford LAMB Bass Guitar.

If you have a few minutes, check out the page. I think you will find it both interesting and intriguing.

Jim K - Keeper of the