Added another FREEBIE Instrument

In the download section (musicians downloads), I have added a new KONTAKT based instrument sample set for Mike's RICK 12 string. Again, you will need the full version of KONTAKT in order to use this sample set but this one is bigger and better.

Every fret of the RICK has been sampled and mapped acrossed 6 Kontakt programs. Midi Channel 1 thru 6 corresponds to each string on the RICK. The samples are very accurate and even include the reverse octave strings on Mike's 12 string rick.

The sample set was made to use with a MIDI GUITAR as the controller but if you know much about KONTAKT you can take the sample programs and make one for use with a KEYBOARD controller but it won't have the same effect as strumming a 12 string RICK.

Anyway, like I said, it is big (about 350 MB) and again, it is free. This was the first practice guitar sample set I had made and I thought that some of you might like a REAL RUTHERFORD electric 12 string sound.

Jim K - Keeper of the