October Update

Well, been almost a year in this RE TOOL but I am almost there. I have decided to move to 64 bit OS for my DAW because of the 2 gig ram limitation of XP. I know I am in for a whale of a ride but I have no choice because the projects just take too much RAM and my DAW software (SONAR) is crashing whenever I try and add another plugin.

My test song is getting close but I realize that the two instruments that sound the furthest from the original album are the drums and bass and as you know are important to set the tone of a song. Don't get me wrong, these instruments sound OK just not spot on.

For the bass, Dave K from Esoundz has told me he will be releasing the samples from Mike's double neck Microfrets bass before the end of the year which should take care of the bass sound. As a backup, I have located a Microfrets Signature baritone guitar (which is what Mike used for his 6 string bass) not for purchasing but I am trying to get the owner to RENT it to me long enough to sample it.

Now the drums! I have tried almost every commercial drum sample set available and in that most of them sound good, they just don't sound like Phil's kit on the Lamb. There is a possibility that the drum kit samples might be made in the near future but until then, the closest sound I can get is the BFD, jazz kit add-on, which features a 6 Tom vintage Gretsch kit.

The mixing experiment is going good as well. I am using the exact same desk EQ as was used on the original Lamb and am applying some unique processing to the mixing (I got some good hints on these techniques from a very reliable source).

So, I might post a "interim" song on where I am up till now but really need to get the new DAW working and some better bass and drum samples. Don't get me wrong, it's not sounding bad and it sounds real close to the original but now that I am this close, I might as well try and get this spot on.

Thank you to the newly added FOLLOWERS of this blog. Can you believe that 10 people have found their way here and decided to follow this crazy project?

Til later,

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine