July Update

Still working on the re-tool but this is a comprehensive retooling of the project. I have spent the last few months working on the mixing and doing very little new music. The most important part of the work has been the understanding of creating the room sounds for the instruments. I am using a tool called Altiverb which recreates actual room sounds (real spaces). There are a ton of third party IRs (impulse responses which are the room samples) and choosing the right ones and mixing in the music is quite a trick but it is sounding quite amazing.

I also have been working with the UAD2 plugins which are vintage models of channel strips, EQs, compressers, etc. One of the plugins from this set was actually modeled from the same desk that John Burns used during the tracking of The Lamb. This plugin has provided the right EQ sound for the songs and it is making a big difference (especially on Tony's ARP).

So, keep checking back and when the new track is ready, I will post it along with a bunch of goodies. The good thing about the drawn out process is that once the room sound is nailed, I can use it on the rest of the tracks for the project.

I also noticed a couple more FOLLOWERS of the site and I say welcome and thank you for showing interest in my little corner of the world.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine