Latest News and Update

Been quite a long time so I thought I would just post a quick update.  I guess the more important updates relate to NEW gear.  I have found an Acoustic 201 Cabinet for Mike's bass (the 201 has the treble horn built in) and it sounds great.

Also, my number came up for the new reissued Synthi Hi Fli.  It has arrived and it is exactly like the original Hi Fli.  You can google this to find out more information.  Steve Thomas has been licensed to build 15 units to the original specs and I have received No. 6.  I think Lenny Kravitz has bought 2 of the earlier units.  Also, I now know that Steve Hackett used the synthi on more than just the solo on Counting Out Time in the studio.  This thing is quite cool but it was VERY expensive and worth the wait.  The device is very sensitive to its input gain (guitar volume) and as such, each guitar needs its own settings to work best with the unit.  You just can't load PROGRAM 17 and have the Synthi do its magic.

Finally, I have started work on a all new website for the project and will be leaving the BLOGGER network for this site.  It is a completely reworked format and will include more download capability and has a ton of new information.

The songs are still being worked only now I am not going to post any until I have the sounds nailed down.  At this point, I have all the right tools (custom samples included) to recreate the entire Lamb with the correct instruments and amplification with the exception of a matching Phil kit (did he use the Gretsch or the Premier kit in the studio?) and a spot on Steinway D grand piano sampled with both close and OH/Room mics.

Check back for news on when the new site becomes public.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine