Lilywhite Lilith Updated

For your enjoyment, Lilywhite Lilith updated. Some minor corrections, remixed and mastered. I know that I haven't done anything new for awhile but I am applying the new learned techniques to tracks that have their MIDI tracks close to their final performance.

I am going to re-do another song soon but I have some work to do first on the hardware side.

The Hammond T-200 arrived this week and needs some overhauling and tender, loving care to coax it back to being useful for the project.

I am also contemplating a test on sampling the LES PAUL both direct and thru the H&H amp head and Hiwatt 4x12 (vintage with purple fanes) cabinet to try and get a more accurate Steve Hackett sound. Let's see how that goes. I want a GREAT sound for the solo in the next track.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out these updates.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine