Micro-Frets Bass Magic

Picked up the Micro-Frets from the luthier this week after bringing it back to him for some adjustments. The treble pickup was too far away from the strings making it have a very weak signal. He had to adjust the neck (where it meets the body) and raise the pins of the pickup higher and it did the trick. While at the luthier, I had him change the strings to FLATWOUNDS (that's another story finding a FLATWOUND 6 string set of short scale bass strings) and adjust the intonation accordingly.

So, I re-sampled the bass and inserted the new sample set into Lilywhite Lilith and then started playing with AMP/SPEAKER/FUZZ box combinations (all in software) and I had some success in making the bass sound a quantum leap closer to Mike's FUZZ bass sound on The LAMB.

This is a major hurdle to get over for the project for as you know, Mike's fuzz bass is all over The Lamb and is one of the very important sounds that make The Lamb sound like the The Lamb.

So, back to Lilywhite Lilith to incorporate this improved sound. It's getting closer!

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrinejkleban@nc.rr.com