March 2010 Update

I am still creating the music tracks for the project but have been focusing on getting the correct sounds for the mix. I have almost all the tools I need and while working on the guitar track for the title cut, realized that no AMP SIM is going to recreate Steve's sound on this song.

So, after a ton of research, I have found and procured the following:

Steve's pedal board (all the same effects)
A 1978 Les Paul Deluxe with the mini-bucs (have since found out that Steve used the 57 Goldtop in the studio and also have one of those babies)
H&H IC100 AMPLIFIER (In excellent condition)...
and a HIWATT 4x12 cab with the FANE speakers.

So, the idea will be to sample the 57 Les Paul so the MIDI tracks can trigger the LP samples and then RE-AMP the midi track through the amp and pedal board and record the result as an audio track to be used on final mixdown of Steve's guitar parts. In order to accomplish this I will be getting a mic pre and EQ channel strip from the same board Johnnie Burns used in the studio to track the Lamb.

I know that Steve also used the Synthi on The Lamb as well but very sparingly and other than the solo in Counting Out Time, can't really hear anywhere that the Synthi would be needed (yet). Perhaps, someone who owns a Synthi could lend it to me for a week when I get to the COT track?

The music is coming out great and now I am getting so close, I have decided to make sure the instruments and effects sound as close as possible before going into final mixdown using software that models the same vintage hardware that Johnnie Burns used while tracking and mixing The Lamb.

Jim K - Keeper of the Shrine