The Lamb Laid Down on MIDI

The title says it all.  Over the years, I have attempted to share some midi file creations of classic Genesis tunes.  I have not been active in the internet world for quite awhile.  Life found me focused on basic matters such as career, family and growing older.  But, I have always left myself some "downtime" to continue playing with music and midi technology. Back in the late 90's, I met a quite a few talented musicians from around the world on the net who shared the same passion of MIDI and GENESIS and we attempted some "group" midi efforts on a couple of classic Genesis tunes.  These efforts included "Suppers Ready" and "The Cinema Show" (if you are interested in getting any of these MIDI files, drop me a note and I will be glad to share).  One friend imparticular, Simon Goodwin, was the Oscar Peterson of the group.  I mean this as a total compliment in that he would only contribute MIDI parts that were absolutely perfect.  The utlimate downfall of these projects was that the MIDI files shared with those interested, sounded TOTALLY different depending on the soundcard used to playback the MIDI file and even if one had a decent soundcard, the sounds used on the LAMB just didn't translate too well to the handful of GENERAL MIDI instruments.  Simon would always complain to me that some of my parts sounded lame to him and I would tell him that the sounded good on my soundcard (Simon, if you are out there, drop me a note, I would love to catch up with you).  Anyway, Simon inspired me in a couple of ways: 1) To only recreate MIDI tracks that were as SPOT ON perfect as possible and 2) To develop a method to play the tracks using the original instruments and effects.  

At this point in time (2008), I think the technology (hardware and software) has matured enough to give this a "GO".   

So, I present to you, my fellow Classic Genesis Fans, The Lamb Laid Down on MIDI for your musical enjoyment and entertainment.

Please feel free to leave any comments, thoughts, stories, etc. related to The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway or Classic Genesis in general.

I will be sharing my thoughts, tips, secrets, midi and MP3 examples of this tribute from time to time as this site builds.

This project is a "hobby" to me and I would like to share my ideas and recreations with those who enjoy GENESIS as much as I do and as a tribute to the Best Progressive Rock Band of All Time.